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Since a lot of people are checking out their blog’s readability on this quick test [dead link], I thought I’d join the crowd. Now I wonder if this is based on US high school levels, or Canadian or European, etc. Personally, I think a lower level is better, so perhaps I should get rid of them words like taxonomy or pedagogy. Anyway, FWIW:



Thanks, Karyn.

Update: Note comment #5 and also that the code provided (not on the image above) links you to a cash advance site. I guess we can all be scammed at some time.

VocabProfiler is a lexical analysis tool from UQAM that actually works!

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  1. Daniel Lemire

    This is garbage. It says the reading level of my blog is “elementary school.” Come on!

    I may use simple words, but I hardly think young kids can follow my blog.

  2. amodernguy

    This is all just randomly generated. Try plugging in some made-up URL blogs – it rates them as well.

    People will believe anything if it’s on the web!

  3. Syven

    I put my company’s URL through it and it came up with GENIUS. Does that mean that my company doesn’t know how to communicate or whether we should be advertising ourselves 🙂

    For blog owners reading levels are as important as they are for traditional marketers but for blog users like myself, I just want a place where I can raise the bar on my own thinking and learn from my online visitations – so reading challenging stuff is what is going to be beneficial to me.

    Unfortunately far too many blogs have become branding fronts, rather than serve to welcome a rich diversity of opinion and many users treat an interactive medium as an etiquette rather than as an opportunity to think about these and in so thinking seek some form of continuous improvement.

    I am sure one day the semantic web will offer us [the blog users] rather than the blog owners an opportunity to not simply have spell check but reading or even thinking level assessed – so that we can both improve our social communication but also serve to challenge the baseline of our own thinking quotient (however that will eventually be measured).

    Thank You for the link. I have not listed the company I work for here because this is purely my own personal thoughts and thought process.



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