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Our son is an ecoholic, or so he says in the video, “Ecoholics Anonymous“, one of three finalists in the Aliant Get Green Student Video Contest. The students at Tantramar Regional High School have already won $500 for their school and the grand prize winners will be attending the International Symposium on Business and the Environment in Moncton on 27 November.

Check out these 5-minute videos and you can vote for your favourite on the site. You know which one I voted for 😉

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  1. zach

    I think he did a great job,…underneath his tarp…saving the ducks…however i gotta say that teacher at the end had some very important points to offer…

    I think (dangerous I know) that if you were to ask your son what was more important…a 90 in math…or the success of the video…think of the skills that went into that, scripting, timing, editing, negotiation, managment of time, place and personnel…how can you teach that in a math class…?…you can talk about it, in some classes but the tangible link you look for to make an emotional link of the learning to the student is evident in this video and if you ask your son or any of those other Ecoholics what they think was one of the BEST parts of their school year, I’d place a safe bet on the movie

    well done ecoholics…

    I’d like to see you son make one for the filmapalooza….make sure he comes to the meetings!…


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