New Year’s Gratitude

Charles Green at Trust Matters suggests a new year’s gratitude list instead of a bunch of resolutions that we probably won’t keep. Great idea, as I never really tried to make resolutions anyway.

I’m grateful that I have been able to work for myself for almost five years and that I have followed many of my professional passions.  Today, with another 30 cm of fresh snow on the ground, I’m also appreciative that I do not have to commute to work. I’m grateful that I see my family almost every day and watch the boys as they arrive home from school.

I give thanks for my health, for the fact that I can ski or bicycle most days, and that my family is mostly healthy. I’m also very grateful that I live in a country with public health care.

Access to the Internet, and the ability to connect to thousands of other people who share some of my passions, is something that I still find amazing. I’m grateful for a relatively neutral Net that allows me to work and learn.

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