Sackville CSA General Meeting 2008

Last night was the first General Meeting of Sackville’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative, with about 60 people in attendance in spite of the bad road conditions. Kent Coates, Director of the CSA and a local farmer, gave a good overview of why we need sustainable, local agriculture and what we can do.


We will have 60 memberships for local produce this year, up from 20 last year, and will stay there unless we get another farmer selling produce. We also have some local cattle ranchers offering natural beef.

As Kent said last night, “Fresh and Local Food requires Canadian Farmers to receive a fair price for their produce. The alternative is non-controlled imported food.” He went on to present these facts about imported food in Canada:

  • Most Imported Food is not Inspected in Canada
  • Less than 10% of imported food is inspected and it is not mandated to meet Health Canada Guidelines for Food production in Canada
  • No Processed Food is inspected unless a complaint has been received
  • The country of origin is not mandated on food labels

There was much food for thought last night …

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