AIM 2008

The 2nd Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference.
The Learning Event You Need to Succeed Online.
The Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference, in Moncton New Brunswick, May 4-6, 2008, brings together leading local and international experts to help businesses throughout Atlantic Canada market their companies online and win the web!

I will be a speaker at AIM this year and I thought I’d check out the other speakers listed. A quick search on each speaker revealed only a few who had some sort of online direct communication:

However, all of these blogs are company PR or multi-user blogs, and not much of the individual comes through, so it will be difficult for me to get to know these folks before the event. I do know some already, so that helps.

Since this conference is about marketing online, and one of the best ways to connect online is by having an authentic conversation with your market, I thought I’d meet several fellow bloggers; but not one other dedicated,  individual blogger shows on the list [please tell me if I’ve missed somebody’s blog or podcast or web radio show].

My topic for this event, which has yet to be confirmed, will be on how freelancers and small businesses can use the Web to market themselves, and a significant part of talk will be on the power of blogs. If you’re interested in blogging for business beyond carrying on a one-way conversation with the ether, then I hope to see you there.

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