Thanks to my fellow freelancers

Over the past five years I’ve had the opportunity to work with, or at least try to find work, with other independent business people. In most cases we’ve worked without any contract, non-disclosure agreement or other formality. We’ve just trusted each other and it’s worked out. I’d like to thank my fellow free agents for all of their help, especially in helping me get to the five year mark (officially next week).

Here are some great people with whom I’ve shared a common project:

Will Pate – a serial entrepreneur and the smartest young guy I know

Alec Bruce – an excellent writer and commentator on the local political scene

Hal Richman – who has much experience and wisdom

Patti Anklam – smart and insightful

Marquis Bureau – a real diplomat to work with

Jay Cross – a wealth of knowledge and ideas, and fun to work with

Jim Pickard – the hardest working partner I ever had (and an engineer to boot)

Vaughn McIntyre – an experienced executive who really understands business

Rob Paterson – a true visionary

Bryan Chapman – an expert in his field and a gentleman to work with

I’ve worked with a lot of companies, but we freelancers share many of the same issues and values, and I feel a certain camaraderie with them.

I also look forward to increasing this list over the next five years, especially with our newly-formed Le Café (Jay Cross; Dave Gray; Jane Hart; Clark Quinn and George Siemens).

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