Two meetings in one day. One was traditional. Use the telephone; get everyone on the same page through lengthy discussions; follow up with e-mail; work several iterations; many phone calls and lots more e-mail. No one uses social media in their work flow. Getting paid for this work. Conference call – almost three hours.

The other meeting was between three bloggers, all who read each other’s writing and understand their perspectives. The idea is to try a new initiative and see what happens. Invest some time but no money. Initiate first discussion on a collaborative web document. Get going now. Conference call – one hour.

Which will be more successful? Which do you think gets me more excited? Which one pays the bills 🙁

3 Responses to “Meetings”

  1. Dave Ferguson

    Alas, Harold, what this is saying is “old style pays.” At least in the short term.

    I’m with you. I got well paid for work with very little personal satisfaction over a period of several months. Good people to work with, good treatment from my supervisors, but basically a grind. Grinding was what was wanted.

    Though to be fair, it sounds like your three bloggers not only know one another but have some overlap in their approach to problems and opportunities. That can be true for a repeat client as well, even if they’re not using social software. it’s the relationship and the shared experience that smooth the path.

    And maybe success with the bill-payers will make them more open to new ways of working.

  2. Jon Husband

    hehehehe …

    But the first meeting was more familiar in terms of structure and pace, and “controllable”, no ? Plus no doubt everyone agreed that some action happened.


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