the community is the curriculum

The title of this post comes from a line in Dave Cormier’s article on Rhizomatic Education published in Innovate: Journal of Online Education [free but registration required, and I’m not sure why they insist on this additional hurdle for access].

Why rhizomatic?

A rhizomatic plant has no center and no defined boundary; rather, it is made up of a number of semi-independent nodes, each of which is capable of growing and spreading on its own, bounded only by the limits of its habitat (Cormier 2008). In the rhizomatic view, knowledge can only be negotiated, and the contextual, collaborative learning experience shared by constructivist and connectivist pedagogies is a social as well as a personal knowledge-creation process with mutable goals and constantly negotiated premises. The rhizome metaphor, which represents a critical leap in coping with the loss of a canon against which to compare, judge, and value knowledge, may be particularly apt as a model for disciplines on the bleeding edge where the canon is fluid and knowledge is a moving target.

Is your field of expertise or your area of work on the bleeding edge? You may want to read Dave’s article.

Update: Dave has published the entire article on his blog. Thank you 🙂

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