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I’ve been playing a bit as a very amateur photographer and started a Flickr account when I purchased my first digital camera three years ago. I just upgraded to a Pentax Optio M50 which has a 5X optical zoom and I’m looking forward to some better wildlife photos. I also prefer that Pentax uses the much cheaper SD cards rather than the XD cards required for my last Olympus Stylus.

I’m looking at different online photo sharing services and am considering upgrading to a Flickr Pro account or perhaps changing to Photobucket or SmugMug. Any advice or opinions?

Update: I later came across this R/WW review of 10 Photo sharing services.

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  1. bendi

    I think there are arguments for all of the photo-sharing sites, but I purchased a Flickr Pro account justa few months ago and think it’s worth every penny. While Photobucket, SmugMug and Picasa Web Albums (from Google) are all good sites, in my experience I’ve found the community to be strongest on Flickr.

    There’s a good breakdown of photo-sharing sites on Lifehacker if you haven’t already checked it out. It’s here —

  2. Steve Mallett

    Flickr has a nicer community of non-photographers. Smugmug is a premier service for photographers, but but! I hate yahoo’s signin so I have a smugmug acct.

  3. Kristina Schneider

    Harold, I really, really love my google photo album powered by I have more space then I can use and I can manage permissions on my photo albums. Also, it has that simple, no garbage interface I have come to appreciate from Google as well as a local desktop application to manage the uploading of my photo files.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Harold Jarche

    Thanks for the advice, Steve and Kristina. Since I already have a Flickr account, I’ve gone through the Yahoo indoctrination process, so would assume the upgrade to Pro would be fairly simple. I’ll try out Picasa and see how that works. Free is always good 🙂

  5. Thomas

    I’ve had a Flickr Pro account for about a year and have never regretted it – I’ve even bought people accounts as gifts.

  6. Janine

    Hi Harold,
    I came across your site when I was looking for camera reviews. I am thinking of buying the model you have (Pentax M50). I know you have not had yours long, but I was just wondering how you found the picture quality etc?
    Thanks, Janine.

  7. Harold Jarche

    I’ve been quite happy with the quality of the photos so far, Janine, but I’m no expert. The last three photos on (as of today) were taken with the Pentax. The camera information is given for each picture. So far, I have no complaints at all and for the price it’s great. If price is less of a concern, I would go with a Cannon SD 850 which is the only compact camera that I know of that also has an optical viewfinder, which is a great advantage on sunny days.

  8. Janine

    Thanks Harold,
    Glad you are happy with the camera so far. I have read a lot that Canon do the best ultra compact cameras alright, but I’d have to get a lot more serious about my snapping before I could justify splurging on that one. Plus, in Ireland sunny days rarely happen 🙂
    Thanks again, Janine.


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