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For some, public school is already back in session, while others have a couple of weeks left. Both of our boys go back to high school after the labour day weekend. We’ve already purchased our school supplies, which were  fewer than required in previous years.

Over the years I’ve picked up online resources that I think might be useful for our boys and have tagged these as student_resources in Delicious. They are a mix of how-to’s and learning aids for students ranging from elementary school to university. Here are some examples:

Stephen Downes’ post on How to write articles and essays

Understanding logic via The Fallacy Files

The Animated Periodic Table of Elements

How to do research from the Kentucky Virtual Library

So far, there are about 50 resources and I keep adding to the pile whenever I find something of interest. I try not to add too many or they won’t look through them. If you use the same tag, we can share resources. Our guys have the link to these bookmarks in their browsers. It’s a home-made EPSS for students.

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  1. Kristina Schneider

    Those are great resources Harold. I probably have a few I could tag for and share on delicious.

    For example, today, Daniel Lemire posted a great resource The secret to intellectual productivity []

    I tagged it productivity student_resources for:jarche (this is the first time I try this type of sharing). Let me know if it works!


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