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Third Tuesday NB had a great meetup last night in Moncton, with CommandN TV on-site. They are an excellent example of folks from Atlantic Canada who have worked hard to create their own niche in this market, with growing success. Even though Jeff is the only one on the team who currently resides here, I think that that we may be able to lure them, and many others, here with a simpler lifestyle, cheaper housing, bigger yards, and lots of clean water (more water than we wanted this year).

I engaged in several conversations with start-ups and even was able to connect a few folks. I’m more positive about this business/social/tech gathering, which is very much a grassroots efforts, than many others that have been attempted in our region in the past decade. We had several people drive up from Halifax, which added to the mix. The Meetups cross over industries and disciplines and the inclusion of marketing & communications specialists has given techies a bit more shine. The conversations are just more interesting.

moncton meetup

Speaking of social media, there is a good review of Seven Social Media Consultants on R/WW, even highlighting a Canadian! Check out links to their blogs and podcasts for some more interesting perspectives.

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  1. jeff white

    It was great to see you again last night as well, Harold. Sorry we didn’t get more time to chat. We’ll see what we can do about breaking you into the Hali-fabulous market.

  2. A. Conde

    That was a yawnfest! Proper camera lighting? Use a microphone? Know your topic? Get on Youtube, ITunes and Digg? Holy obvious, batman! YAWN.

  3. Harold Jarche

    It’s always hard to achieve the right depth of content with a walk-in audience. What’s enough detail? What’s too much? I’m sure it went over the heads of some people, while boring others. When I give conference presentation I always get some comments that it was too basic and others that it was too complex. You can’t please all the people all the time, and who knows what the folks at CommandN were actually asked to do.


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