Giving thanks

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada and we’ve just finished an excellent turkey dinner. The gang is playing a game, but I’m odd man out – sitting and listening to the antics. Meanwhile, the economy seems to be melting as we wait for our national election on Tuesday. Personally, I’ve been watching this site to help me decide which way to cast my vote.

I’m thankful that for the past five years I’ve been able to work from home and grow my business. My wife also has her studio in the house and we spend most of days together. Usually one of us is available for any family activities that happen during the day. Even with our financial uncertainties, it’s been a good lifestyle, and now it seems that everyone else is the same financial situation that we’ve been in – not knowing what’s going to happen beyond the next month or two.

On a positive note, Andrea has her first gallery show next week and it’s a big leap for her. About as big as when I became a free-agent. The show is called Fibre Optics at Fog Forest Gallery in Sackville until 25 October.

Who knows what the future holds, but for now we are doing what we love and making a living. I can’t be asking for much more at this time.

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  1. Jeremy

    Sounds like you’ve got lots to be thankful for. And thanks to you for keeping up this excellent blog over the years.

  2. David Miller

    Although now in the US, I still celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.

    Very cool on Andrea’s gallery opening! Best of luck in that endeavor. And beautiful work Andrea!

    On a loosely related note, my start in Second Life was in creating a gallery and coordinating an “inworld” opening to coincide with an artist’s opening in Norway.

  3. Cindy

    Andrea does lovely work.
    If I knew that she was a fibre artist, I would have stopped in on my through last year. I’ve done a lot of quilting before I went back to school!


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