The Training Department in the 21st Century

I’m speaking in Toronto next month at the SkillSoft Canadian Perspectives conference and have been developing my presentation, which is based on this post and a previous one, on the changing role of training. The presentation is scheduled for one hour but I have taken the highlights and condensed it to less than 5 minutes, which is the time limit for Jing, which I’m trying for the first time. It’s also my first time using Apple’s keynote application.

This is an Adobe Flash file (*.swf), including audio, and should open in a new window:


Updated presentation: Training & the Networked Workplace


Dave Snowden



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  1. Harold Jarche

    Hi, Chris. I like Keynote, especially the fonts and the simplicity of design. I miss some of the drawing capabilities of Powerpoint but I’ll probably opt for something like Omnigraffle pretty soon and that will give me much more than PPT.


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