Learning Fluidity

Mark Pesce’s post on Fluid Learning has been picked up several people and I like his four recommended processes for networked education:

  1. Capture everything [especially since digital storage is so cheap]
  2. Share everything [e.g. public feed readers, social bookmarks, blogs, photos, videos]
  3. Open everything [no walled gardens a.k.a. LMS]
  4. Only connect [less control allows for more connections]

What Mark calls fluid I’ve referred to before as flow.

Stories are an excellent example of learning flow. For millennia, we’ve learned through stories. Today, content capture and creation tools on the Web let us tell our own stories. Weaving our stories with those of others enables serendipitous learning and becomes a powerful way to reinforce our learning. This is how gamers and hackers, the digital pioneers, learn:

They share their stories.

They know that there is no user manual.

They embrace the flow.

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