Learning Industry Predictions 2009

eLearn Magazine offers predictions for 2009 and Editor Lisa Neal Gualtieri says that the people polled “unanimously agree the global economic downturn is the overwhelming factor coloring their forecasts, [however] they do see a great array of opportunities and challenges in the coming 12 months.

Here are the predictions from my Internet Time Alliance colleagues:

Jane Hart: As the recession bites and training budgets are slashed, organizations will no longer be able to afford the production of sophisticated courseware. Instead they will become more reliant on employee-generated content and increasingly appreciate the potential of Web 2.0 approaches for informal, social, and collaborative learning, and knowledge sharing throughout the enterprise. There will also be a growing trend toward adopting a top-down approach to using social media in organizations by building a social media/learning strategy and implementing a platform that integrates a number of social media tools for enterprise use.

Jay Cross: Wrenching changes in business and society accompanying the global transition from the industrial age to the network economy will kill off much of the training and education programs as we have known it. In its place will arise a more natural approach to learning through collaboration and sharing. There are great times ahead, an era of fulfilling, bounteous learning unprecedented in human history. However, the journey to this promised land will be brutal and unforgiving for people and organizations who resist change and lobby for “back to the basics.”

Clark Quinn: The extraordinary: Semantics will arise; we’ll start realizing the power of consistent tagging, and start being able to meta-process content to do smart things on our behalf. And we’ll start seeing cloud-hosting as a new vehicle for learning services.

You can find my predictions in with the rest as well.

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  1. Harold Jarche

    A year is such a short time that most people went with rather conservative predictions, I think, Lisa. Most seem to be plausible for 31 Dec 2009.


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