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I was asked to develop a list of important resources, especially the blogs that I find most valuable in my work. Since my work is focused on the intersection of learning, work and technology and especially how learning and working are becoming integrated in networked organisations, these are not just edtech blogs. These are not the best, but a good representation of some of the better resources. A more complete list is available on my Bloglines public feed.

Focused on Learning

Internet Time Blog and Informl Learning Jay Cross has informed much of my work, which is why we continue to work collaboratively.

OLDaily Stephen Downes’ daily coverage of the widest range of learning-related items, making it an excellent meta blog.

Eide Neurolearning is a good source for me to get up to speed on the science of learning and cognition.

Workplace Learning Today This is a new multi-author blog that is becoming an important source of information for me.

Focused on Work & Business

Wirearchy discusses new models for the networked workplace.

FastForward Blog and The AppGap are both multi-author blogs looking at enterprise 2.0

The Creative Class Richard Florida has added several other authors so there are wide ranging opinions on the new nature of work here.

Focused on Technology

Read/Write Web if you only follow one site on Web technologies, this should be it.

Michael Geist is the Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law and this is where I get a Canadian perspective on digital copyright and Net neutrality.


Polymeme is a potpourri of information that introduces me to new fields and ideas, without overwhelming me with frivolous information.


I’ve recently taken to using Twitter and I’m finding it to be a great tool for finding information. I liken it to lobbing comments over the cubicle walls. With twitter, I’m picking up more divergent points of view.

I’m also on the lookout for a decent comment aggregator, having used CoComment, Commentful and co.mment, and not been satisfied with their spotty service. I’m trying out BackType but it misses out on many comments and does not pick up follow-on comments. I’m currently awaiting the launch of Ubervu and hope that it fills this gap in my online collaboration.

I tried out Jing this past year and may use it more for quick video casts and Jay Cross just introduced me to EyeJot for sending quick video messages.

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  1. Christopher Golda

    Hi Harold,

    Sorry to hear BackType didn’t work out for you; I’ve appreciated all your feedback over Twitter. Please check back in with us from time to time — we’re very focused on improving our support and adding more properties.



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