Scott Leslie has put together a number of media resources on the concept of the educator as disc jockey (DJ), including:

Open Educator as DJ Wiki

OE as DJ on Prezi (cool)

Metamedia Links & Comments

I like Scott’s diagram that looks at the flow of being an open educator. Flow is the operative term, because like digital media, everything is in Beta, constantly changing.

As hyper-connectivity breaks down the walls between institutions and specialists, like universities and professional teachers, so too are the lines blurring between teaching and learning online. The components of Flow for Open Educators are not all that different from what I’ve described as the flow of personal knowledge management for individuals:

As learning and working get integrated in our networked lives, we not only become lifelong learners but lifelong educators. Teaching and learning are part of the same continuum. Previously separate fields like knowledge management and learning design are being put into one great online digital blender. As Mark Pesce says during his presentation on The Power of Sharing, the only thing that a network can do is share (and it’s happening in ALL directions).

2 Responses to “Flow”

  1. Anne Marie McEwan

    Hi Harold

    Great post. I see myself as ‘educator as Mary Poppins’. I have a big bag into which I delve and offer techniques, tools and just-in-time knowledge to the execs I work with – at the point where they are needed. If those things work out, that’s great. If not, no problem. We just try other things.

    I do like educator as DJ, though. Much cooler than Mary Poppins.

  2. Scott Leslie

    Anne Marie – but “educator as Mary Poppins” is extremely cool tool, especially as it’s what works for you. The conclusion of the talk that Harold is referring to is a call to figure out the metaphor you are *already using*, the one that works for you. Because we all have them, but becoming conscious of them (and hopefully choosing ones which inspire and make us smile and dance) makes us better teachers and learners.


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