Friday’s Finds #11

Once again, from the Twitter files this past week:

Research debunking claim of digital natives vs immigrants  via @JoanVinallCox @rdelorenzo @rmazar

BitTorrent counters fear, uncertainty and doubt from Canadian Internet Service Providers Michael Geist

via @skap5 “Learning happens when a child is interested. Otherwise, it’s like throwing marshmallows at his head and calling it eating.” (B. Lamping)

“we just cannot understand why a normal person would want to go to school” Club Orlov

via @dbast Knowledge Management has an outlook on information supported by dysfunctional technology whereas social computing has no specific outlook and is supported by functional technology

via @jonhusband managers should start really trying to understand the new social dynamics & methods of constructing pertinent knowledge

Aggregated Wisdom is the Winner The FASTForward Blog Requirements: a  culture of collaboration & a great set of collaboration tools

The 4Cs Social Media Framework Beth’s Blog (Gaurav Mishra)

Legal considerations on mental health in the workplace Mental Health @Work slides for use

via @psychcentral The Brain’s Interpreter | Channel N

The final word:

If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no. Work Life Balance via @judymartin8

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  1. Beth Kanter

    BTW, that was a guest post form Gaurav Mishra who is totally awesome. Click through and read his other stuff, guaranteed to be thougth provoking.

    Speaking of thought provoking .. and silo dancing — there was an article in cnet about fundraising 2.0 – brought up some good points. I responded, but wondering what you might think — any parrallels to education?


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