Future of Learning as a Business #2

Session 2 of the LearnTrends event looked at internal training organization. Gary Wise of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital discussed the PD&R continuum of Prepare – Deploy – Reinforce. The last part is essential in integrating learning into the work context, using performance support tools, coaching, mentoring and contacting experts. Harvesting feedback, like checking to see if job aids are effective, is also important but may be harder to implement. Most interestingly, Gary showed the training organization with a visual metaphor of a fortress surrounded by a moat. Gary recommends getting out of the fortress and thinking more like a sales person and getting out with “clients”. He is also a proponent of performance consulting skills for anyone in a training role.

Rob Robertson at Citi discussed the important role of training departments making connections with internal and external networks. I think learning as a network is essential in business today.

Allessandria Polizzi at Intuit said that clients who get training actually become better customers. Intuit went from low and “training” and then moved to higher quality training in more modes but at no costs. Interestingly, much of this training was not ADDIE developed stuff, but everything from user-generated content ( blogs, podcasts, videos) as well as connections on social networks. Customers were even paid to develop content. An important note: At Intuit, the Training department is a sub-set of the Marketing department. In the comments, Jennifer noted, “The e-Learning has kept my CPA husband loyal to intuit versus Peachtree, etc.

Another observation during the discussion was that demand for formal training is dropping in organizations as collaborative and informal networks meet more and more individual performance needs.

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