Aware Organizations

Mark Dowds has released a white paper (PDF) on his new software venture, Brainpark, and knowing Mark, I’m sure it will be something completely different from the run of the mill software being sold for organizational productivity:

If the twentieth century was shaped by automation and mass production, the twenty-first will be defined by those who can best curate knowledge. To get there, we need to rethink the management approaches—and underlying tools—around which businesses are organized.

There are two big challenges to overcome along the way: context and awareness. Knowledge workers need to be able to grasp what’s going on rapidly if the organization is going to be adaptive and agile; and they’ll need to know what’s going on across geographic and functional boundaries in order to re-use work that’s already been done and avoid duplicating effort.

Brainpark looks like a productivity tool that combines the flexibility of social media with some integrated rigour of business processes for knowledge work. Adding context to all of our work is very important as we do more distributed work, we change jobs and companies come and go more quickly. The ideas discussed in the white paper reflect many of my own and those of togetherlearn around complexity, working in networks and integrating learning and work.

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  1. Jon Husband

    Looks very interesting, and looks like it might help weave and support the patterns of temporary and semi-permanent structure(s) that might be derived from the organizing principle of wirearchy (which is I guess why you used the tag 😉

  2. Mark Dowds

    Harold, thank you for spreading the word and detailing aspects of the white paper. It has been a while since we connected. I would love to bring you up to speed and give you a Brainpark demo sometime. Hope you are well…


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