Friday’s Finds #14

From the twitter files this past week:

Many US films don’t even bother to register in Canada and they complain about copyright infringement? via @michaelgeist

The Search Engine Optimization scam via @jonhusband

The corporation is so clueless … that sometimes [change] really does depend on a single individual

Our collective challenge: how to empower workers for self-organization

I declare social media sufficiently mainstream” says @jclarey

nature imbued us with an unquenchable drive to discover, to explore”  via @jonhusband

Meta-analysis of 99 studies: showed that students online performed better (9 percentiles) than in face to face classroom situations via @pwmartin

The real reason why you, the individual, should blog via @jocenado

@jayrosen_nyu If ever you run into trouble understanding what “social media” is… just substitute “connecting across, rather than up.” via @jonhusband

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