New challenges of management

Anthony Poncier (in French) covers the eight challenges of management in the virtual era, which I’ve loosely translated:

  1. Being concurrently nomadic and collaborative.
  2. Renewing the workplace social contract.
  3. Creating new modes of leadership.
  4. Creating value, not just revenue.
  5. The production of collective knowledge.
  6. Managing with both IQ and EQ (emotional quotient).
  7. A diverse community rather than a disciplined unity.
  8. Learning about the reality of the virtual.

This list brings out the challenges of managing in a networked environment and highlights some of the different facets that managers will need to focus on. The trend is also that there will be fewer managers, making the job much more multi-faceted or as they say in French, polyvalente. It might make for a good checklist for executive recruiters and Boards of Directors. This ain’t your daddy’s management, folks.

Updated 2011: Managing in a Networked World

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  1. Jonathan A.Bockarie-Wai

    Due to deregulation of regulation and restructing of management in and organisation.


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