Friday’s Finds #20

Weekly review of what I’ve found and learned on Twitter:

Jane Hart’s Social Learning Models: wrap-around, integrated, collaboration. Jane Hart’s social Learning slideshare presentations. Interesting. via @charlesjennings

mobileYouth: Content is Dead … Long live Context – youth marketing mobile culture research via @northernchick @KellyOlexa (five years ago I suggested Context & Community)

I Finally Get It – Why Social Networking is So Important via @kevindjones

The key to a successful online community: Listening via @aponcier

Two Knowledge Management definitions @snowded Cognitive Edge and @elsua ELSUA (with several others) via @jackvinson

Safe-fail probes & diffusion of innovations via @mathemagenic (supporting emergent work practices)

Mapping Government 2.0 against the Hype Curve (there are a variety of potential service models along the curve)

Replacing desktops with laptop, netbook or thin client could reduce energy consumption by 86%

Public Speaking Tips: research ideas, audience engagement, chart techniques, and more via @ldguymn RT @6minutes

Jury nullification: the Canadian criminal justice system’s dirty little secret (I followed a series of tweets and blog posts that led to this)

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