ATutor 1.4 soon to be released

ATutor has announced the latest version of its open source, standards compliant LCMS, which should be available in a couple of weeks. The new version 1.4 includes:

Templates for creating your own custom look-and-feel
Roles & Privileges for students to create teaching assistants or additional instructors
Automatically marked tests
Search the TILE learning objects repository, and import content packages directly into ATutor by entering a URL
Evaluate content with the content editor accessibility checker to ensure learning materials conform with international accessibility standards
Visual Content Editor (currently disabled) format content without knowing any HTML
ACollab Groups for running group activities within ATutor courses, as well as file sharing, managing assignment submissions, collaborative document authoring and archiving, and more (also available as a standalone)

I will be putting the standalone version of ACollab through its paces in a short while, and will provide a detailed evaluation of this platform as we go along.

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  1. Anonymous

    ATutor 1.4 ReleasedATutor 1.4 has been released. ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS) designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind. New In this release: Templating, student roles and privileges, improved content packaging and testing features, a learning objects repository, work groups, and more.

    Visit for a full list of features, or read on for details about the new features in this release.

    ATutor Features

    **New in this Release**

    *Templates: Create your own custom look-and-feel for ATutor. Share ATutor themes

    *Roles & Privileges: Create teaching assistants or additional instructors, or assign instructor privileges to students

    *Test Module Updates: Automatically marked tests and random question tests now available

    *Learning Objects Repository: Search the TILE learning objects repository, and import content packages directly into ATutor by entering a URL. Create content in ATutor, then export it to the TILE repository to share with others

    *Accessibility Checker: Evaluate content with the content editor’s accessibility checker to ensure it conforms with international accessibility standards

    *Visual Content Editor: WYSIWIG editor option to format content without having to know HTML

    *Work Groups: Use the ACollab addon for conducting group activities within ATutor courses. Archive resources in the Library, collaborate on document authoring or collect assignments through the Drafting Room, schedule tasks and events with the Calendar, communicate with group members, and more (also available as a standalone application). ACollab will be available in the coming weeks.

    *Improved Content Packaging: Better support for compiling and exporting complex content such as Java and Flash objects, and now import content packages by entering a URL.

    ATutor 1.4 Demo

    ATutor 1.4 Download

    **Coming Soon**
    *ATutor Versioning System: In the coming weeks the ATutor versioning system will be opened so developers can access the live source code. ATutor has adopted the Subversion versioning system, the next generation CVS.

    **Translator Call**
    ATutor translators are encouraged to login to the ATutor Translation site and update any new and changed language. Inform the ATutor team when your translation is complete. Language for ACollab 1.1 may also be translated at this time, as we expect the ACollab addon to be available very soon.

    ATutor Translator Login

  2. Anonymous

    ATutor 1.4.2 ReleaseATutor 1.4.2 has been released.

    **New in this Release:**
    Surveys and unmarked tests, secure content, system wide searching, category based themes, new languages, and more.


    *Test/Survey Manager*: Now create surveys, add Likert-type questions, view detailed statistics on a per-question basis, with current tests and surveys linked from the course home page for quick access.

    *Secure Content*: Secure the content directory by placing it outside of the web server path during installation, or upgrade, to prevent unauthorized access of private course files.

    *Search Course Catalogue*: Search through courses as a guest, or as an ATutor user, to find catalogue listings, or system wide topic information.

    *Course Category Themes*: Associate categories with a specific theme, so all course in a category look the same.

    *File Manager Enhancements*: Now rename files and directories as well as delete entire directories even if they’re not empty.

    *Course Polls*: Instructors can create polls for their courses, to quickly gather student opinions.

    *Course Language Property*: Designate a course’s primary language.

    *Browse Source Code Repository*: Public and developer access to evolving ATutor source code.

    *Languages*: At the time of release ATutor 1.4.2 was available in 9 languages: Danish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish, and English….with many others nearing completion.


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