Friday’s Finds #21

Some things I learned on Twitter this past week.

Several articles and posts on Knowledge Management

KM: Safe-fail probes & diffusion of innovations | how to support emergent work practices via @mathemagenic

@rickladd “I recently finished a 2 year Masters program in Knowledge Management & I’m certain I could have learned far more on my own through research & social media”

“… all knowledge is either tacit or rooted in tacit knowledge …” Cognitive Edge

Best practice alternative: look for emergent principles & infer what would on principle be best via @quinnovator

Social Media & Learning

@mpetersell: Just wrote a summary of my first #lrnchat experience: Many Ways to Learn: I Have Learned…Socially!!!

great collection of nonprofit social media slide presentation We Are Media: Social Media Starter Kit for Nonprofits via @kanter

Insidious pedagogy: How course management systems impact teaching by Lisa M. Lane: via @moehlert

Dilbert Daily Strip: 2009-10-04: on Twitter at work via @drmcewan @jobsworth

General Interest

The Decline of Empire by Chalmers Johnson – best hour I have spent – via @robpatrob

evidence of last common ancestor of humans & living apes found, Disproves “Missing Link” via @northernchick

80% of Cuba’s agriculture is organic YouTube video series

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