ecollab_-_badge_copie_normalI’ve been working with Frédéric Domon over the past few months and you may have noticed that we recently launched Entreprise Collaborative, a cross-cultural idea laboratory to exchange perspectives with experts and practitioners around collaboration and social learning in the enterprise.

One objective of our venture is to bridge two linguistic communities and learn from each by lowering the barriers to communication and cooperation. I have also updated some of my key articles, which have been translated into French and are now on the eCollab site. Our first bilingual White Paper with several contributors is another example of the collaboration we hope to foster and we will continue to publish these on themes that are pertinent to our professional communities. We are also launching a blog carnival.

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Frédéric was recently interviewed (in French) by Lilian Mahoukou at project doppelganger and given that  we’ve never met I learned some more about my colleague. The fact that I haven’t met business partners and clients is becoming much more the norm in my networked business.

It’s interesting to note that, as a student, Frédéric was counseled that information technology had no future, so he went into communications and marketing instead. I wonder what advice is being given to students today that will prove just as wrong.

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