Friday’s Finds #26

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What I learned on Twitter this past week:


The Taylorist Stranglehold on buildings, management & IT via @drmcewan

“Hierarchies aren’t evil, networks aren’t chaotic. Both are incarnations of the same structures in the semi-ordered domain that is human life” @tonzylstra

via @skap5 – 17.5% unemployed or underemployed. Not just the bottom of a cycle. A burning platform for an innovation economy and transforming education.

The best potential clients for Enterprise 2.0 are 1) losing the industrial war, or 2) have a culture of pushing out/down power via @robpatrob

Founder Collective: we expect to generate returns almost exclusively from seed stage investments. via @jonhusband


via @JoanVinallCox Learning is a primal joy, like sex, & it is imperative, like eating & drinking.

“Students as enemies” metaphor is pervasive. This is not a done deal. via @smartinez @akamrt

Video: Discussions about using Twitter and microblogging in education. via @zecool

100+ ways to use social media for learning
. via @c4lpt

The flu virus may be telling us to rethink our approach to science & education.

Look who’s smiling 🙂 Technology in the classroom. via @fmeichel @FrancoisGuite


Great article on the use of system dynamics modeling for complex problems in international development. via @hrichman

“The capitalist nightmare: search is both theft & the very ontology of the web.” inspired by @crowdedfalafel

Interesting similarities between Convergence of Key Media Trends via @kanter & Constellation W [Convergence & Ruptures] via @jonhusband

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