Ada Lovelace Day

Today is Ada Lovelace Day:

Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace was born on 10th December 1815, the only child of Lord Byron and his wife, Annabella. Born Augusta Ada Byron, but now known simply as Ada Lovelace, she wrote the world’s first computer programmes for the Analytical Engine, a general-purpose machine that Charles Babbage had invented.

This day celebrates the achievements of women in technology and science, so I thought I’d go through my blog roll and see which women bloggers I regularly read [shown in the order they are listed in my feed reader, which makes no sense to anyone but me]:

Cindy Rivard Oyez: entrepreneure et communicatrice passionnée.

Florence Meichel est consultante – conférencière et coach dans le domaine de l’éducation 2.0 et la formation 2.0.

Jessica Hagy Indexed: “This is a little project that allows me to make fun of some things and sense of others without resorting to doing actual math.”

Jane Hart is my astute colleague and very tech-savvy member of the Internet Time Alliance.

Fernette Eide writes an excellent blog on neuro-learning, in partnership with Brock Eide.

Janet Clarey just launched “instructional design by example”, therefore setting the example.

Ozge Karaoglu is the educational coordinator of “Yes, I Speak English” DVD series to give EFL children a jump-start in English – among other things.

Christine Martell is an inspiring artist promoting visual learning.

Joan Vinall Cox specializes in Personal Learning and Working Environments.

Beth Kanter “The” leading figure in the field of social media for non-profit organizations.

Charlene Croft is a sociologist, social activist and an excellent writer.

Judy Martin has bridged broadcast media and the web, and is currently focused on work-life balance.

Traci Fenton is the founder of WorldBlu which champions the growth of democratic organizations.

Anne Bartlett-Bragg is in a similar field of practice as my own; bridging learning, technology and business.

Deb Richardson works for Mozilla [way cool], lives just down the road and is usually cooking up a storm [lots of great recipes].

Karyn Romeis has recently launched the Learning Anorak consultancy focused on organisational change, learning and development.

Lilia Efimova is the foremost expert in the use of blogs for knowledge work.

Anne Marie McEwan passionately believes that businesses are wasting too many of their employees’ talents, intelligence and creativity [have to agree with that].

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