I seek, I sense, we share

I’m working on a few presentations and have been updating some graphics, one of which I used in my last post. Anne Marie McEwan told me she really liked the image and instead of waiting until I give the presentations next month, I’ve put up a segment of the slides on Slideshare [no longer available] with all the related graphics on PKM from the perspective of seeking, sensing and sharing. (CC-Attribution-Non-Commercial). Please let me know if you find them useful and feel free to suggest changes. It’s life in perpetual Beta around here.

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  1. Anne Marie McEwan


    I also really like your mapping of tools to create, organise and share along the dimensions of one to many. I shall be using that – with due attribution, of course.

    Hope you have a relaxing Easter break.

  2. Silvia Andreoli

    After reading your presentation of “I seek, I sense, We share” I asked myself if we only share once we have filtered, validated, synthesized, presented or personalized. I think both, sense and share are interconnected processes that facilitate making sense of information and add value. Share doesn’t necessary come after I have made sense. Many times sharing makes us understand and validate info. Your “perpetual beta” approach is, in my opinion, a clear example of this. Following your graphic of “I seek, I sense, We share” I uploaded a slide that tries to show the way I see it. http://www.slideshare.net/saandreoli/personal-knowledge-management-3624611
    Thanks for sharing!


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