“collaboration is extremely important”

Some of the things I learned on Twitter this past week.

Always worth repeating: “Management is an overhead” by @EskoKilpi

The Internet is an extinction-level event for the traditional firm
If the (transaction) costs of exchanging value in the society at large go down drastically, the form and logic of economic and organizational entities also change! Accordingly, a very different kind of management is needed.

Business Today: processes are global, distributed, invisible & intangible by @drmcewan

(3) We are now in a new phase of disruptive management innovation …
(6) Continuous improvement in the previous wave of disruptive innovation is now the collaborative intelligence of the second.
(7) In the first wave, management innovations were concerned with accommodating process innovation and control. Only then processes were largely contained, constrained, tangible and visible.
(8) This new wave is also about process innovation and control / coordination. Only now processes are global, distributed, invisible and intangible.

Encouraging online collaboration & discouraging unnecessary travel = prepared for disruption by @suw

From meetings to conferences to team-building events, unreliable air travel changes how we think about long-distance travel. It should also change how we think about working over long distances, and, thence, how we work with the people who sit right next to us.

@johnniemoore : Lovely post from @euan on how “grown up” work environments foster childishness, while “childish” forum demand maturity.

I find it increasingly paradoxical that the “grown up” world of suits and offices and job titles is the one that encourages you to remain childish. You are not really encouraged to say what you think, you pass responsibility up to the grown ups above you and you are rarely able to be held accountable for your decisions.

The 5th Social Media (finally) and the updated presentation by @panklam

So I’m defining this SM [Emergent] as the networked, community, purposeful use of social media to generate relatedness among crowds and emergent networks in support of ideas, causes, and events. It’s still a little mushy, but I just can’t go on adding categories forever and I need to acknowledge the ways that people are using social media to create networks.

Big Question: how do you foster communities to which each and every worker can attach? by @gminks

I would not have learned much without some community to help me learn, to keep me grounded, to challenge the questions I had about different topics. Since I was a distance student, the University just didn’t know how to make and foster that community. Thank goodness there was #lrnchat.

@Padmasree (CTO of Cisco Systems, on demand for collaboration): ComputerWorld

I met 15 customers in Washington recently, and every single one was looking for collaboration and security. Small and large companies in the last five years have had distributed resources with sales and engineering teams all over, so it’s a question of how to bring that expertise together. That’s the reason collaboration is extremely important.

Quote of the Week:

@mrch0mpers : “Easy to rank on the LMS in hindsight. Is the disdain of eLearning the fault of LMS? Evolution of pervasively tech-aware learners? Or is the common disdain for eLearning perhaps … PERHAPS … the result of years of compounded decisions to design to the mediocre? Or did the solutions that emerged to make eLearning easy for masses separate design decisions from the abilities to wield them effectively? There’s an abundance of waxing hyperbolic lately on the LMS. A system didn’t make crappy courseware. People did it under people constraints.”

2 Responses to ““collaboration is extremely important””

  1. Steve LeBlanc

    @mrch0mpers Thank you for saying so well what has been on my mind. I’ve noticed an awful lot of LMS bashing of late. Reminds me of the remarkable, in depth discussion In Defense of The LMS by @dwilkinsnh http://bit.ly/bLicSY

    @EskoKilpi “The Internet is an extinction-level event for the traditional firm” Wow, you helped me to understand the forces in the issue.

    And how “grown up” work environments foster childishness, while “childish” forum demand maturity. Well, that’s just poetic

    Harold: This week has been rich in thoughtful insights. Thanks for tracking it so well. I like that you do this weekly review.


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