A framework for the social enterprise

I have put together two of the major articles on social learning in the enterprise that were posted here this year. A framework for social learning drew on my collaboration with colleagues at the Internet Time Alliance and the evolving social organization was co-authored by Thierry deBaillon.

Please feel free to share this 18 page white paper as I hope it will encourage more conversations on how we can integrate learning and working, a key part of enabling Enterprise 2.0.

Social Enterprise White Paper (PDF)

2 Responses to “A framework for the social enterprise”

  1. Brent MacKinnon

    Your white paper gets high grades Harold (and contributors). It’s a timely piece for me as I’m just taking on some major change efforts withs non profits.

    These organizations are looking for me to help staff develop skills in social media. There is an interest from the leaders in shifting the organization but they are not fully sure of why, where and how.

    Your paper will help me frame my discussions with staff and management. I especially like the tip of focusing on the macro and leave the micro for staff to figure out…with a bit of pointing in a productive directions.




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