Friday, the end the line?

I’m not sure why this last week was so different than previous weeks, but few things on Twitter caught my attention. Maybe this brings to a close my regular weekly activity of Friday’s Finds, which I’ve produced every Friday since May 22nd 2009. Anyway, I’ll see what happens next week. I’ve put together a few items of interest though I usually have dozens of items to pick from. Perhaps I need to pay more attention.

Still worth checking out though:

A thought during #lrnchat last week: The status quo is maintained by formal learning; revolutionaries embrace the informal.

@jonhusband “Much consulting involves the application of models to a system, as opposed to getting involved in the system as a positive change agent.”

Scathing & quite funny rant about MBTI, Belbin, Honey & M, etc by Paul Kearns – well said, Paul Kearns; via @drmcewan [in case you missed the link on my blog post]

Having taught and trained many, many people over the last 30 years myself, and as an evaluation specialist, I have never ever regarded happy or smile sheets (known as level 1 questionnaires in the trade) as evidence of anything.  Happiness is not evidence of learning and unhappiness is not evidence of failure (learning is often initially painful and starts with resistance). Even if I make participants take a test (level 2) and they can tell me what Belbin’s 9 team roles are does not mean they know what to do with them. Even a level 3 visit (to see if they are applying it in the workplace) might reveal them putting labels on hapless managers but it does not offer evidence that having a defined role, in a particular team dynamic, at a particular time and place, produces better team results.

Taking Stock: “What other profession would go about its business in such an amateurish & unprofessional way as university teaching?” via @MTA_KT [yes, I know that’s me]

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