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Here are some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week.

Business is nothing but “Social Networks” by @sig

Adding “social” as a layer onto a rigid structure created pre-IT will never do it. E 2.0 or it’s new name, “social business”, is commendable but a blind alley, you have to focus on bettering the core mechanism instead. The core mechanism that allows and executes “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end by working with someone to produce or create something”. (That was the definition of Process and Collaboration baked into one sentence.)

Social doesn’t just mean friends — it means society; by @umairh

Think of the “social” in social media the way economists use the word: to represent society. The right function of “social” tools is to give yesterday’s creaking, rusting institutions social — as in societal — significance. Social doesn’t just mean friends — it means society.”

@rdeis “RT @OPENForum Why I Was Wrong About Twitter – Very Good summary of what Twitter does really well.”

Back then, when Ashton Kutcher was trying to get a million followers and the news was all atwitter about Twitter, like many others, I thought Twitter was nothing more than a gossipy, truncated, silly platform for, as I put it, learning about what someone was doing “at 3:47 tomorrow afternoon.”

Let’s invest more in developing people skills, tacit knowledge, the humanities, meta-learning, and decision-making.

How the app phenomenon is changing economics; by @rbgayle

This rapid adaption to what customers want requires a very different organizational structure than at many companies. It must be able to adapt rapidly to new information and it must move that information around rapidly.

Staying engaged and being adaptive – the successful companies will have both of these attributes.


Leadersheep are a species in the Homo genus of bipedal primates in Hominidae, the great ape family. They are most likely descended from the wild mouflon. Leadersheep are raised by some B-schools and a culture of impatience/short-termism for good looks, fast wins, fleece and milk. Leadersheep can be manipulative and self-absorbed, but are usually not dangerous and often mean well. If you are one or see one, teach it to become less important.

@charlesjennings “Transport for London ‘lorry blind spots’ film – why cyclists get crushed (daughter did research for this)” – None of the cyclists along the side of the lorry in this video can be seen from the driver’s seat inside the lorry cab.

Also: augmented reality version

@charlesjennings “@edavidove just pointed out that this is the ideal male performance support ‘tool’ (@hjarche photo at Schiphol)”

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