Over the past year, I’ve posted 225 articles here, some popular, some a bit controversial and some ignored (but still useful for my own learning).

Here are some posts that resonated with readers.

Two posts, A Framework for Social Learning in the Enterprise (February) and The Evolving Social Organization (August), were popular, as was the white paper that combined these articles. This shows that blog posts do not need to be short to get attention. Longer posts will be read if people are interested in the subject.

A bit more controversial was the post; The LMS is no longer the centre of the universe (May). The great LMS Debate was a topic of conversation with my Internet Time Alliance colleagues for a period of time over the year as well. You get more spirited conversations when money is at stake.

Personal Knowledge Management (March) remained a popular subject, and a key focus of my research and practice, though by the end of the year I was calling it network learning (October).

I revived an article that I had written collaboratively with Michele Martin in 2008 as part of our Work Literacy series. The Ning site it was hosted on had changed its terms of service so I posted a copy of an Introduction to Social Networking (June) on this site. It got more attention here than on the Ning site.

Even though it was written in 2009, The Future of the Training Department remained popular. I really appreciated this comment by Donald Clark; “Close the training departments – love it!”

Thanks to everyone who dropped by, made a comment, wrote a blog post in response, or tweeted something they found here. Thanks for extending the conversation.

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