Friday's Finds #97

Here are some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week.


Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity.” ~Thor-Heyerdahl – via @tedcoine

@marciamarcia – “Just overheard at #closym, ‘there is nothing human or resourceful about HR.‘”

The connected company – by @driessen

What is the social business? What does it look like? Dave Gray shares his view in napkin sketches.

Life expectancy of a S&P 500 company is getting shorter. It’s 15 years now.

Companies are complex systems (shown by complex hierarchies). There are companies that make sense of other companies because they are so complex. Think Microsoft and government.

For every extra employee your profit goes down. For every 3 employees your profit per employee goes down. It is increasing, but by less and less. Or: diminishing returns.

However productivity goes up in city when the population grows. Why?

Content is not King – by @ewanmcintosh

One of the key points I’ve been driving in the past year has been the importance of schools providing places for conversations and exploration to take place, perhaps through a design thinking-based pedagogy and process. Such a process takes the onus off the teacher to be the one preparing resources for children, effectively doing the learning for the youngster. Instead, it forces interaction around content, rather than content to be consumed or ‘learnt’, to take centre stage.

Customers Say Half of all Salespeople Are Unprepared for the Call by @davidabrock [isn’t this an opportunity for social, informal, peer2peer learning?]



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  1. Richard Merrick

    Harold – another quick thankyou. You post some great stuff here – very useful, and all duly ackonwledged and linked where used.
    Many thanks – have a great weekend.


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