Social media for privacy officers

This morning I am presenting to the Council of Chief Privacy Officers in Montreal. My subject is social media in the enterprise and particularly why they are good for business. The presentation includes examples and links to social media policies bookmarks.

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  1. Kelly Meeker, OpenSesame

    This slide deck is great. I particularly like how you’ve connected Seb Paquet’s “ridiculously easy group forming” with the mechanics that lead to weak social links and, gradually, learning networks and communities of practice.

    These mechanics, of course, have worked brilliantly in the Middle East and North Africa in a different use case.

  2. Brent MacKinnon

    Wow, I liked this a lot Harold. You brought together key messages that address privacy concerns and you wrapped that up in the larger context of online business life.

    How did the Privacy Officers take this message? Was there push back, defensiveness or acceptance from the crowd. I can see how your presentation can be given to IT departments or really any department in the enterprise.


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