In for a penny, in for a pound

It’s been a long week and not much of it has been on Twitter. I considered not writing a Friday’s Finds post, having recently hit the 100 week mark. However, as I sit in our kitchen (with four computers), my son tells me that he writes in his journal every night before going to bed. So, after a 1,100 KM drive today, here are some of the things I’ve learned via Twitter this past week.

“Every company has an underground reward program of bad behaviors not punished. Tolerated values are often stronger than stated values” – by @Globoforce

NATO general says more training will be on unclassified web:

[Lieutenant General Karlheinz Viereck] is convinced of the need for radical change in training to enable NATO to meet the challenge of a new security environment. He recognises that NATO must “think, organise and plan totally differently to the past.” His belief in the urgent need for change and the adoption of new methods of training is based partly on a recognition that the old methods are no longer always appropriate in the new circumstances of today’s security environment and partly on a shrewd understanding of the immense possibilities that developments in information and communications technology offer for achieving significant improvements in learning and training.

Deference” by @euan [I’ll take creative, empathetic, self-directed & innovative any day]

So what’s been bugging me. I think it centres around a couple of words used by the BBC anchor man for the day. I was out of the room at the time but overheard him commenting on the size and enthusiasm of the crowd and contrasting this with our “cynical society” and “lack of deference”. At this point I yelled “Oh fuck off” from the kitchen much to my wife’s annoyance!

If knowledge is power – then knowledge sharing is empowerment.

Search is now officially DEAD. Google dissolves Search Group Internally, Now Called “Knowledge” – via @4KM

Google has seven major product groups. Advertising, Commerce & Local, Mobile (Android), Social, Chrome, YouTube and Search. Search is, of course, Google’s first and most important product. But that group actually no longer exists internally. As of April, when Larry Pagetook over as CEO of the company, the search group was renamed the “knowledge group” internally.

The Hidden Power of Renegade Knowledge – by @tdebaillon

Most of the tasks we are trying to achieve in our daily job are either complex or complicated. They involve multiple steps, human-to-human or human-to-machine interactions, use of different tools, all of which require following procedures, navigating through -and sometime despite- hierarchical requirements and validations, mobilizing resources whose availability isn’t aligned to your needs, producing some outcome for clients, either internal or external, whose logic isn’t yours, all of that in a reduced time frame. Whether we run a home-based business, are a public sector clerk or a Fortune 100 executive doesn’t make much difference here.

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