You don’t reach Serendip by plotting a course for it

Friday’s Finds are a compilation of what I have learned on Twitter the previous week. This started as an alternative to the popular #FollowFriday on Twitter where people say who they recommend to follow. I find that most #FF recommendations lack context so I usually ignore them and I don’t post them as I feel they just add noise to the stream. Instead, I curate Friday’s Finds.

For 107 consecutive weeks I published Friday’s Finds but I missed last week because I was having too much fun deep in many conversations. Offline took precedence over online. So here’s what I learned via Twitter these past two weeks.


@MarionChapsal – “You don’t reach Serendip by plotting a course for it. You have to set out in good faith for elsewhere & lose your bearings serendipitously”

“The ROI on innovation is survival.” @aronsolomon @darrellwhitelaw

Origin of “social network”: Sociologist went to Norwegian fishing village in 1954 & studied how the fishers interact – via @jerrymichalski @ePatientDave

@JaneBozarth – “Note: The session is “Social Media for Trainers”, not “Tell Me How to Manage the Dysfunctional Team I Created, While I Blame Technology”

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” ~ Oscar Wilde – via @Flipbooks

Shareable: “Making, in short, is not about making. Making is about sharing ~ @doctorow”

When I invent or discover something, I immediately put it on the net. And when I find myself in a corner of the world that is not to my liking, I Google up some hack that someone else has put on the net and apply it or adapt it to my needs.

Making, in short, is not about making. Making is about sharing. The reason we can make so much today is because the basic knowledge, skills, and tools to make anything and do anything are already on the ground, forming a loam in which our inspiration can germinate.

You Want Best Practices? by @MarkFederman

Blindly adopting so-called best practices in a bid to become as successful as some arbitrary industry leader is a management cargo cult. Transformative education is founded on experiential learning, not plagiarism.

Video: The Turkey & the Crow – The Tension Between Expertise & Creativity [need balance]

Education would really be much better if it recognized  how fundamentally different turkey- and crow-biased thinkers approach learning. It wouldn’t hurt either for more teachers, parents, professionals, and really everybody else came to appreciate the remarkable talents of the crow.

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