Hierarchies losing and networks gaining

@MarietjeD66 [Member of European Parliament (D66/ALDE Group)] RT @carlbildt [Foreign Minister of Sweden since 2006] Tried to sort out 21st century statecraft at #bf7 [Brussels Forum]. Hierarchies losing and networks gaining in a world of hyperconnectivity.

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  1. Jon Husband

    @Lawrence .. (& sorry for butting in, Harold)

    In principle yes.

    However hierarchies in traditional bureaucratic organizations generally do not function in the same way(s) as do networks of connecting across, up and down. The subversion is effectively (in my opinion) a potential or a real disruption in the ‘normal’ functioning of that traditional hierarchy, whether through exchanges of information and knowledge that otherwise would not be accessible or visible. The use of power in any organization of size depends upon the control of the key pertinent information and knowledge.

    Subversion can also be created by people realizing (sometimes over & over again) that there is additional pertinent information and knowledge (whether from customers, markets or elsewhere) available that is not being used or listened to. People aware of that can (relatively easily) become demoralized, discouraged, cynical and dis-engaged.

    All that said .. I agree that hyperlinks in theory can help hierarchies be more effective .. IF (again, an opinion) if those hierarchies are “enlightened” and decide to use the greater depth and scope of human interest, energy and engagement that is available.

  2. Jon Husband

    The key for me is the word “traditional”. Hierarchies in and of themselves are not evil, bad, nor ineffective.

    The way(s) structure informs leadership and management style, culture and the taking of decisions and action are what can lead to rigidity and inability to respond effectively or to ongoing learning and increases in capacity for responsiveness, flexibility and general effectiveness.


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