PKM Workshop: learning out loud

Sometimes it helps to learn out loud: LOL. That’s why we commit to formalized activities. They can help us try something new.

The Personal Knowledge Mastery workshop provides a loose framework to try out some new ways of learning for yourself, but with a small group of people to help and support you. It’s nine weeks long and you can do everything at your own pace.

This online workshop on adapting to the networked world of work includes tools, tips & techniques from two facilitators who have been connecting, communicating and collaborating online for over fifteen years. The workshop is for anyone looking to  understand the digital reality of the connected economy. Whether you are a freelancer, work  in an organisation, or want to connect beyond the corporate walls, this is designed to give you a head start in developing a personal sense-making framework.

Here are some comments from our previous workshop:

“There is a saying that “when the student is ready the master (teacher) shows up” and that is how I see this course.”

“Without any coherent strategy I often was not persistent in my undertakings. This course gave me an excellent opportunity to evaluate my position and to work out an appropriate approach.”

“I used a time tracking tool to get a feeling for how much time I spend on seeking, sensing and sharing … So reducing my seeking and spending more time sensing (converting things into high quality content) is my most important goal for the next few months.”

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