Informal learning is

Stephen Hart has a good series of quotes on informal and social learning on his website. Sometimes the right quote gets the message across faster than a long explanatory paragraph.

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  1. Jon Husband

    Especially if you walk throughout the savannah with some friends, preferably those you’ve made who are from the local area / region ? Talk about stuff, point to other stuff, ask questions, draw parallels with other places, and so on .. you know, talk about stuff 😉

  2. Mark Britz

    Great quote – problem for most organizations is that they deem a “savannah” to dangerous for their employees and a high risk to all. The “Savannah” is too vast they say, they’ll get lost in there …they won’t know how to survive. Instead they make “knowledge” zoos called SharePoint and LMSs where neat pathways are laid out, open only at certain times, and the “animals” locked up in PDF-like modules and cages. 🙂

  3. Allison Rossett

    I think Mark Britz is right about the savanna. Seen as risky, and probably rightfully so. And worthy.
    What interests me is how to move the enterprise towards more informality, which to me means more choice, independence, community and lightly constrained funkiness.
    This won’t happen because we like it. It will happen because employees like it AND they and their enterprise see measured benefits. It’s going to take some guidance systems that help employees become more self-reliant and active in their growth, reference, and communities.
    Frank Nguyen and I built a little tool to help people think about informality, and formality, for the enterprise–


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