The Web changes business

So you think the Web won’t change the business you’re in? Do you believe that education, training, and instructional design organizations will carry on with business-as-usual, as people keep paying for traditional courses? Look at how these business models, which were all created since the birth of the Web, have managed to change entire industries.

  • Google – Advertising
  • Craigslist – Classified Ads
  • Wikipedia – Encyclopedias (print & electronic)
  • Amazon – Books
  • LinkedIn – Recruiting
  • Elance – Freelancing
  • GMail – Email (web-based & almost unlimited storage)
  • WordPress – Custom Web Design, Hosting & CMS
  • Moo – Business Cards
  • Etsy – Local Artists & Artisans go global in minutes
  • iTunes – Music on demand

Given that 65% of todays’ students will end up in jobs that don’t exist today, we know work will change significantly in the next decade. The network economy is changing everyone’s business, and will significantly affect education and training as well.

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