All connections lead to Rome

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via Twitter, and also heard in passing at ICALT 2012 this past week in Rome. 

@rosariocacao – “@adriancheok at ICALT: you don’t have time to make explicit your tacit knowledge”

@britz – PKM = People, Simplicity, Discipline

@AdrianCheok – “How to cope with email overload” – [nice succinct summary]

@cufa – “Serious case of info overload/illegible pics on too many slides at #icalt2012 – are we not meant to be learning and teaching experts?”

@RichardTheGeek – The Lord of the Phones – 3 phones to bind them [at ICALT 2012]

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  1. Rob Paterson

    It’s like this with our family holidays -breakfast in silence with maybe 6 macs – glad you have had such a great time


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