Friday the 13th Finds

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via Twitter this past week. 

@RalphMercer – “Consensus, the general agreement to fail together.”

Eide Neurolearning: Remembering inhibits learning

In an interesting study, researchers from Duke University found that learning and remembering compete when both are made to occur at the same time.

@sjgill – How to create a learning culture in organizations

That is, organizational learning is not about training. Rather, it’s about a community of workers sharing in a process of constantly seeking improvement through new knowledge, new skills, and new applications of knowledge and skills to achieving the goals of the organization. They examine what they do, compare that to what needs to be done, reflect on what they have learned, and make the needed change in the organization.

Forbes: The End of Middle Managers (And Why They’ll Never Be Missed) – via @bdupperin

The captains don’t “manage” every day. They have just one meeting as captains per week. That meeting determines the deployment of strategy. We hand off to the captains—then they hand off to the teams, who hand off to the individuals who deploy day to day, and then they get out of the way (as they resume their own production roles, side by side with their teams.)

At this point, our entire company is flat.  With no hierarchy, everyone leads within their areas of stewardship and responsibility.  Many will have excess capacity and offer to help another teammate or even go to another department to ask how they can help. (Yes, this really happens—in some cases, it happens every day.)

@changethinking – The Dirty Little Secret Behind the 70% Failure Rate of Change Projects – via @LucGaloppin

The inconvenient truth is that after many years of applying our craft, with plenty of opportunities to have an impact and more than enough practitioners to make a difference, there is no hard evidence that we have made even a dent in the appalling prognosis for executing change. The latest research continues to show what the original findings revealed—7 out of 10 projects still fail to reach their stated intentions.

Adam Scislowicz – Brokerage Rules & Trust:

 @brianinroma – Want to end email hegemony? Follow these simple tips.

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