Weaving the next workplace

My last post, from responsibility to creativity, was picked up by Joachim Stroh, who created an image showing the problem with thinking of jobs as things to be filled. The image also connects with the post on how organizations can thrive in the network era.

I like this visual representation. It shows that thinking of jobs as buckets to fill can leave them empty or half-full. Instead, if you think of the organization as a network, then you look for gaps that need to be connected. This can be done by adding another node (person) or making better connections (roles & responsibilities). It may just be introducing one person to another, or closing triangles. It’s amazing how a shift in the perception of the nature of work could completely change an organization. A primary job of leadership then becomes network weaving. Network Weaving has four laws, writes Jack RicchiutoLuck; Innovation; Influence; and Growth.

Getting things done in networks barely resembles the rules of getting things done when the whole is divided into power, knowledge, and responsibility haves and have-nots. Best and worst of all, networks do not “play by the rules” because they are intrinsically too fluid and self-organizing for that. And because of that, they tend to be far more incubatorial than traditionally designed organizations and social structures when it comes to innovation and resiliency.

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