Friday's Finds 183

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via social media during the past week.

Leadership: To survive a shock to the system, become an unplanned organization – by @rbgayle

We see this again and again throughout history, as well as in our most entrepreneurial companies: the person who is best suited for dealing with one sort of shock (war, raising capital) is seldom the best for dealing with another shock (peace, shareholders, etc.) Since we cannot know what shocks are in store, nor what is really fragile in an organization, a robust solution to a world of shocks is to create a group of diverse and somewhat redundant talents with leadership dispersed in a way to allow the right talent to rise up when a particular shock hits the system.

Compounding Intelligence: learning social skills leads to better decision making – by @quinnovator

The point being that learning social skills, using good meeting processes, and emphasizing diversity, all actions similar to those needed for effective learning organizations, lead to better decision making. If you want good decisions, you need to break down hierarchies, open up the conversation channels, and listen.  We have good science about practices that lead to effective outcomes for organizations.

“microblogging is the closest we have to human conversation” – by @RossDawson

One of my most consistent messages is that high-performance organizations are increasingly driven by the quality of their networks. Microblogs, through their ease of participation and the breadth of their visibility, are excellent facilitators of organizational networks. Staff can easily get a better sense of activities, capabilities, and personalities across the firm. After 15 years of ‘expertise location’ being on the agenda, microblogs are proving to be one of the simplest and best ways to find the relevant expertise in the organization to address a problem or opportunity.

BBC News – Nokia decline sparks Finnish start-up boom – via @tar1na

Miki Kuusi of Start-Up Sauna – a non-profit programme that coaches entrepreneurs before connecting them with investors – likens Nokia to a big tree in a very small forest.

“Now that Nokia is doing worse the ecosystem around it is developing,” he says.

“Some people even say that the current downfall of Nokia is the best thing that’s happened to this country because it’s challenged us to come up with new ways to have a foundation for our welfare.”

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