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Friday’s Finds:


When prepping for a big story about a company in crisis, news outlets go to LinkedIn to look for people who have recently left.”@TorontoLouise

“Culture is what happens when the managers leave the room – doing what’s right in the absence of authority.”@ValaAfshar

“I actually think that getting schools to change the physical ways kids use the school space is harder than changing pedagogy in class.”@ChrisLehmann

Innovation is only innovation when it’s sustainable. – by @DonaldClark

All in all, she [a school teacher in Cambodia] was building a sustainable, scalable solution by fitting the technology to her scant resources with a fair amount of cultural sensitivity. This is exactly what I presented at Online Africa, and why I’m so critical of many of Sugata Mitra and Negroponte’s ‘parachute projects’. Innovation should not trump sustainability.

The Brazilian Protests are Existential: an indicator of a crisis of civilization bubbling up at the margins:

Most of the kids I met in Brazil had at least two mobile phones. They monitor their global community of Facebook friends hourly. They are impatient to get on with their lives but as they reach adulthood they find little space for either their aspirations or their concerns. The work available to them (and for 25% there is none) is as low paid drones in faceless corporations or failing public institutions that deliver neither adequate services nor fulfilling career opportunities.  They feel oppressed by massive cultural forces that are making robots out of them. They feel “rage against the machine.”

Fast Co.Exist: Meet Alt-Labor, the non-union workers movement – @FastCoexist

“Brands like Nike, they don’t own factories anymore. They don’t manufacture anything. They don’t even manage manufacturing,” Fine says. She cites the shift from vertically integrated firms to a world of contractors and subcontractors as a central problem for any labor movement, especially since unionizing contract workers is illegal. “We have this dramatic mismatch between 1930s forms of representation and 21st-century forms of employment,” she says.

skills + literacies = global fluency – by @tonyjreeves

Global-fluency-v3_by Tony ReevesImage by Tony Reeves

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