Sense-making for success

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Once upon a time …

By the second decade of the 21st century, the nature of work had changed. Even so-called knowledge workers were being regularly downsized, as the corporations called it.  A lot of work was getting automated but a few creative, and lucky, people became almost overnight successes. Many others were able to carve out new niches in this connected economy by getting rid of the middlemen and going straight to their customers, who were now all over the world. Work was getting more complex.  But how could people make sense of it all? Part of the answer was in taking control of their learning and professional development, once the sole purview of institutions. Another part of the answer was in connecting with other, like-minded, and interested professionals. Those who succeeded were able to seek and build new networks in order to make sense of the changing environment, and then share with their new peers, scattered across the globe.

Whether you call yourself a knowledge artisan or are just trying to keep up with your profession, you have to take charge of your own learning and development. I have created an updated 15-minute video overview of PKM, the seek-sense-share framework, and some ideas on how to do-it-yourself, with the help of your network.

Online Personal Knowledge Mastery Workshops are scheduled throughout the year.

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