Moving forward with Social Collaboration

Change Agents Worldwide is a new type of consultancy, which functions as a transparent cooperative. It includes solo change agents (like me) and enterprise change agents who are trying to bring about change in their respective workplaces. This is a network of progressive and passionate professionals, who really want to bring about substantive change in how work gets done.

ctwftw-226x300This is how I would describe what Change Agents Worldwide is trying to achieve:

We know that people have always sought meaning in their work. But people and their workplaces have not always been aligned. In the emerging network era we are finding that successful organizations foster openness, so that value can be created by every node in their network. In a truly connected enterprise, knowledge comes from diverse viewpoints through active seeking, sense-making, and sharing. Trust emerges from the transparency of working out loud. Credibility is achieved from the questioning of all assumptions, while a focus on results distributes authority throughout the network. Everyone can and should work in an organization like this.

Later this week we will describe the disruptive changes facing organizations today, as well as some frameworks to address them. Susan Scrupski (USA), Simon Terry (AUS) and I will talk about the issues and also discuss some real business examples.

Please sign up and join us on Thursday, 12 December for Moving forward with Social Collaboration in partnership with Socialcast by VMware. It’s free.

To get a feel for the ideas and people at Change Agents Worldwide, here are some recent quotes from our blog.

Just as the railroads need a precise sense of time, our new economy demands new precision in ideas like collaboration, work, trust, community and value.Simon Terry

We’ve demonstrated that being “social” doesn’t necessarily open up new risks, but can in fact be more successful at bringing risk to the forefront earlier and when there is still a chance to remedy the issue … in contrast to when inappropriate behaviors occur out of pure naïveté, in private channels, and aren’t discovered until it is too late to remedy … leaving only damage control to come to the rescue.Bryce Williams

But, anyone who’s played in both these camps will readily acknowledge that a digital strategist or VP of Consumer Strategy has no idea what social collaboration is inside the enterprise and most likely spends his/her entire day in email, teleconferences, meetings, and ppt. And, someone who’s running an internal enterprise social network has no idea who the top players are in SMMS (or what that acronym even means). – Susan Scrupski

As more and more knowledge work is carried out by people communicating and exchanging information using hyperlinks in social networks (where knowledge lives ) and routing it to where it is needed at any point in time, vertical arrangements of knowledge are disrupted, if not subverted. – Jon Husband

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