Three elements of digital transformation

Altimeter released a new report yesterday, called Digital Transformation: Why and How Companies are Investing in New Business Models to Lead Digital Customer Experiences.

For those of us in this field or related ones, much is not new, but confirmatory.

  • Benefits:
    • Leadership and employees feel empowered through education.
    • Decision-making and processes become more efficient across departments.
  • We found that businesses often remodel or bolt on mobile, social, and digital functionality to an aging offline/online infrastructure that is counterintuitive to customer behavior.
  • Team members want to feel empowered to do the work that’s necessary while feeling a sense of ownership in the process.
  • In its own way, digital transformation is making businesses more human.

In addition, the stated need for internal change agents only reinforces the model of using a mix of solo change agents and internal enterprise change agents.

  • Change doesn’t just appear, and in very few cases is digital transformation something that comes from the top down. We found that in most cases, a change agent rises to the challenge.

My own experience is in developing vision & leadership and even more so helping digital transformation teams, but I have little knowledge with digital customer experience. I guess this goes to show that a multifaceted team and approach are required. The 63 page Altimeter paper outlines some of the current practices and recent experiences that organizations [I cannot use the term “brands”] have had in adapting to the network era. It’s worth registering to download it.

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